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On the Course: A hole in six

Allyn Harvey

A double bogey can be reason to celebrate – and I’m celebrating mine on the first hole on the Aspen municipal course recently. A stormy, wet afternoon made it look like the only scratch I was going to experience with this foursome – which included a scratch golfer – was an e-mail from my three partners saying they wanted to scratch our plans. But Mother Nature, perhaps sensing my excitement, intervened just an hour before tee time, pushing the dark skies away with evening sunshine.How could I possibly be excited about a match with three regulars on the course that would have me bragging about my double bogey?The last time I played golf was in 1990, at a par-three course jammed between the shipyards, freight rail switching station and port terminals in one of Seattle’s industrial districts. (The time before that was in 1979 with my buddy Teddy Pinkerton at the Kirtland Country Club outside Cleveland.) It was one of those courses where all you needed was a nine iron and a putter. I was with my pot dealer and a trucker who scored from him, too. It was August and the course was in pretty bad shape, dried out everywhere but the section of green immediately surrounding the hole. My greatest golfing moment came that day in Seattle, where, after muffing a shot off the tee I mustered my paltry skills with all the luck in the world and hit the ball into the hole from about 90 yards out.Nearly 15 years later, I found myself once again teeing off at the cheapest course around – Aspen’s excellent 18-hole facility with clubhouse and all. This time, I was playing with a senior manager at the Gant, an investment adviser and a marketing guy. After practicing my drives for about a minute, Lex, Trent, John and I teed up on the first hole. My first shot, with a three wood, went about 20 yards. Typical Allyn. Next I pulled out a trusty old three iron and pelted it a good long way toward the goal flapping in the wind about 300 yards down the fairway. A clean hit with my eight iron landed me on the green and two putts later I scored a double bogey. That’s what I mean when I say a double bogey can be cause for celebration.I’m currently lining up a foursome for my next game in 2020. Any takers?


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