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On the couch: Gamesmanship

Joel StoningtonAspen, Co Colorado

On a recent evening, a feat of board-gaming never before attempted was nearly completed. One side of the table had a four-person Scrabble game, and the other side had a four-person Settlers of Catan game. In the middle was the millennium edition of Trivial Pursuit, pitting the Scrabblers against the Settlers.It was, by far, among the craziest nights anyone present has ever had.Though I heard that some people got crazy on Halloween, and other people have mentioned New Year’s Eve, clearly they have never gone for the Settlers-Scrabble-Trivial triumvirate. All three games were epic battles, though there were times when confusion reigned. At certain moments, the Scrabblers made fun of the Settlers trading such essential necessities as wood and brick. But the Settlers were too involved to take much notice. On the Scrabble side of things, concentration was sometimes a challenge when facing difficult questions.The Scrabble game finished first, and some of the Scrabblers became frustrated at the slow pace of the Settlers and the incomprehensible talk emanating from their mouths.By that point, Trivial Pursuit had taken a back seat, and only a few pie pieces had been won. Alas, the three-game feat had not been entirely completed, but it was a worthy endeavor. Perhaps next time will mix Clue, Monopoly and Boggle. Or maybe Yahtzee, Balderdash and Hungry, Hungry Hippos.Regardless, it will be absurdly fun.Game on.

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