On the calendar: Climate changes, but we don’t?

Ryan Slabaugh
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO Colorado

ASPEN – A few years ago, it seemed like all we heard about was global warming. Polar ice caps were melting, bears were wandering into stores, and the general public added Glacier National Park to its list of places to see before, well, they’re gone.

Then, the recession happened. Job-favoring lobbies won over the public’s attention, and most of the lobbyists pitted the economy against the environment by doing everything from opposing cap-and-trade restrictions to denying that anything is changing with the climate at all, evidence and scientists be damned.

Yet as we peek out of the recession and gain our senses, we are starting to see the old discussion about global warming returning – along with new ideas and a more savvy group of experts who are speaking about it.

One example is Tuesday, when at the Limelight Lodge, the Aspen Global Change Institute will present a free lecture delivered by Karen O’Brien, of the University of Oslo. The talk, titled “Changing the Script on Climate Change: Transformative Views in Humanity’s Role,” will highlight recent research that is leading to new ideas about how our society can make decisions and, gasp, change a little – all in hopes of allowing our species to survive a little longer.

A wine-and-cheese reception will follow the talk, which we should mention is co-sponsored by Aspen Skiing Co.


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