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On Israel and peace

Dear Editor:

This has been an interesting summer here in our “slice of paradise.” A cadre of Jewish groups brought in experts on terrorism with their special spin of “intrigue.” However, there was similar, not so subtle, undertones to their talks and answers to the “planted” questions.

The message – Israel cannot and should not accept the offers of peace by the Palestinians (if you stop stealing our land) and the Arab League, if you will create peace with the Palestinians.

Yet, a right-wing government and former self-proclaimed terrorist Menachem Begin made peace with Egypt by returning captured land, except Gaza, which no one seems to want.

Also, peace was made with Jordan which seeded the West Bank to a future Palestinian State, no land to return.

If I was running things in the Holy Land, I would want peace with Syria to stop the flow of arms to the Hezbollah and Hamas. But, alas, Israel has turned down Syrian peace over and over again. Not smart. Israel must think nothing terrible can happen. Ask the surviving Jews from Europe what they think.

There is hope. Google “J Street,” “pro Israel” and “pro peace.”

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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