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On entrances and seniors

There is no possible justification to vote for the “Z-curves” and the 113-year-old Colorado Midland Railroad Bridge over Maroon Creek. We have three strong-minded City Councilmen who have the guts to push the “straight shot” into existence.

A vote for the new entrance is a vote for a strong, prosperous future for Aspen.

The arrogant and ignorant bureacrats have struck again, taking morning coffee and toast away from our beloved, honored seniors at Castle Creek Terrace. Ruthless treatment of our wonderful forebearers is said to be on the rise across America.

Such bullying of defenseless senior citizens is cowardly and an invasion of their civil rights. Remember the old saying, “What goes around comes around.” You, too, will get old.

Compassion, comrade, compassion!

Taylor Gamblin


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