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Old guys still have it going on

Dear Editor:

So there I was, gettin’ my outfit together for the final day on Aspen Mountain (thanks again, Skico, wow!) and, looking into the mirror, I realized I looked like one of those old guys that Allison Berkley wrote about in her palate, who for some strange reason wear Hawaiian shirts and try to buy her and her friends drinks and who pitifully think they might get lucky.

Geez, if you don’t get the party/celebration thing of a Hawaiian shirt on skis ” hmm ” and that old guy trying to get lucky may be alone cuz his significant other may have given up on staying fit enough to play with him on skis, bikes, rivers, etc., so he felt impelled to move on. I’m lucky enough to have a mate who still works out hard to play hard and thinks her best double-diamond descent is still in front of her. Hopefully you (sounds like you do) and your friends get the importance of working hard to play hard to the end.

Hey, you know what they say about vibrant old guys in Hawaii? They can be like mopeds, fun to ride, but you wouldn’t want to be seen on one!

Greg Paul

El Jebel