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Old Aspen? Forget about it!

I get discouraged when I read the agendas of aspiring local politicians. They all seem to want to “return to the old Aspen.”

I don’t want to return to the past, the “old Aspen.” I want to improve, get better, more modern (yes, even bigger). I want growth and an increasing tax base.

I’m against the “preserve open space” crowd. We have plenty of open space just outside of town for those that want to view open space. If a person can afford to build a house in town we should encourage them.

New, expensive hoteIs and commercial buildings increase the tax base. Fine homes like the ones proposed for the base of Shadow Mountain will improve our town.

Let’s completely change course and stop all forms of subsidized housing. Let the free market prevail! I do not want my tax dollars providing housing for my neighbors.

Bill Schaffer

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