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Oil and gas good for regional economy

Dear Editor:

It appears that the Thompson Creek Divide Coalition is trying to deny SG Interests their legal right to develop oil and gas leases they purchased from the BLM.

This special interest group has been pushing for the denial of SG’s lease unitization request as a means to stop all development in the area. Their not-in-my-back-yard approach is what causes America to be dependent on foreign energy and takes away jobs for hardworking Coloradoans.

While I will not call fault to their NIMBY attitude, I will show the inherent issue with their thought process: By denying the unitization request, they aren’t stopping development, quite the opposite; they are in effect requiring SG Interests to move quickly to develop all of their leases. I’d rather have those leases developed in a way that makes sense, in a way that uses good judgment and implements the best management practices.

The members of the coalition and Pitkin County need to wake up: We need the gas, we need the jobs, and we need to use our public lands in a way that allows for multiple uses. SG Interests legally purchased those leases and should rightfully be allowed to develop them.

We should be applauding SG Interests for their voluntary submission of the unitization request because this allows for smarter development that’s actually sustainable. It’s time for the NIMBYs to stand down and allow for prudent oil and gas development.

Rebecca Sinclair

Grand Junction

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