Officer used best judgment in DUI arrest |

Officer used best judgment in DUI arrest

Dear Editor:

Since Sept. 11, 2001, drunk drivers have killed people in the U.S at the rate of about 16,000 each year ( drunk-driving-statistics.html). That is, every year drunk drivers kill more than five times as many as were killed in the 9/11 terror attacks.

In light of these statistics, I would like to commend Aspen Police officer Gregory Cole, and the Aspen Police Department (“Woman who blew a .232 in Aspen won’t face DUI charge,” March 10, The Aspen Times.) Although the charges were dismissed, officer Cole got a drunk driver off the road before she, or another innocent person, became one of those statistics.

I don’t mean this as criticism of Judge Fernandez-Ely’s decision to drop the charges; our justice system is intended to provide a check just like that. But let’s not let that decision deter us from vigorously enforcing the drunk driving laws. Officer Cole used his best judgment when he made that stop, and I hope that he, and other officers, will continue protecting us from our own home-grown form of terror.

Dave Tolen



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