Off to India, again |

Off to India, again

Dear Editor:

I sit watching the river rise with the spring runoff and a slight breeze rustles cottonwood twigs outside my windows. I seize every peaceful moment of solitude that I can. In just five sleeps I will be amidst the insane horn-honking pandemonium of Delhi, India.

I will be gone May 1 through June 3. My yoga instructor, Emily Hightower, will accompany me in Delhi during my second week of treatment from May 9-18. From May 17 to June 3 my second caregiver/ friend will join me in Delhi. I am thrilled that both ladies are taking their vacation time to selflessly be with me during the hottest, dustiest, and most challenging month of the year in Delhi.

I am continuously reminded that my journey is not about me. While my ultimate goal is to walk again, mine is a journey for humanity. A million candles can burn from the light of just one single flame. That magnificent light never snuffs out, but burns eternally in the hearts of all who believe, or even those of us who are simply curious. My journey is about others lighting my way and helping me along my path.

In turn (combined with Dr. Geeta Shroff, her staff, and more than 450 patients from around the world who have received her human embryonic stem cell treatment,) I am able to quietly cast a golden ray of hope for humanity by holding true to my vision. My community has supported me, faithfully igniting the wick of my life, waxing love, faith, compassion, and encouragement for each baby step of progress I make.

I thank all, from those who have contributed financially, to the curious passerby in the street, to my loving and intimate friends, to my “Team Amanda” of trainers and therapists who keep my body alive and moving every week (Tami, CP, Em and Harold), my best friend Gabrielle for looking after Tucker in my absence, film maker Tom Eldridge, Dale, and especially my Mum.

I even thank the skeptics. My journey has taken a huge level of commitment. That is, my commitment to take a risk, to have conviction over my fears, to let go of “what was” and embrace what is and “what could be,” and to hold on to my dream despite skepticism.

Despite my paralysis, I still believe in the impossible. While seemingly unfathomable, somehow I hold the belief that God builds a golden pathway with my own footsteps.

A tiny droplet becomes a stream, and as it flows it gathers its strength from the other rivers it stumbles upon, negotiating obstacles along its way. The river never loses its vision of the vast and unlimited: the sea. And nor does the caterpillar lose sight of its absolute ” a butterfly.

It is on to Delhi, India in just a few days. Visit my blog at I shall keep everyone posted with regular updates. I thank the community. You give me courage, wisdom, and the will to persevere, which serves to remind me how fortunate I am. My faith, hope, and love will help me to move forward positively and confidently. I accept my challenges as opportunities to grow and transform. I am defying the odds. I am walking my golden pathway, one baby step at a time. I am becoming my butterfly.

Namaste, love and thanks to all.

Amanda Boxtel


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