Off the Saddle: A lousy start |

Off the Saddle: A lousy start

Somebody stole my bike. Or maybe someone borrowed it and just hasn’t brought it back yet. Either way, it’s a lousy way to start the summer – for a variety of reasons.For one, I was just getting into the mountain biking groove. I took my first real rides of the season the past two weeks and was dreaming and scheming about how I could get out there more often.Second, we don’t own a car (another bad-luck story), so my bike was pretty much going to be my mode of summer travel. My kids and I spent the winter walking and busing it everywhere, and we were looking forward to the newfound freedom our bikes would offer. It was as if the transportation gods were smiling on me once again, and that being carless in Aspen wasn’t that bad after all.And last, it got me thinking about what type of person would actually steal a bike. Granted, it wasn’t locked (and thus I take full responsibility for it being snagged). But still, why would someone take an old, beat-up mountain bike – but one that I both love and need – that was tucked in a rack with several other bikes in an alley behind The Aspen Times? I doubt it was greed, as the bike wasn’t worth a whole lot in terms of parts or resale value.I doubt it was need, because I’m now in need and I’m not going to go swipe someone else’s bike. (And would someone who really needed a bike be trolling the alleys of Aspen in search of one?)I’m hoping it was just stupidity. That after a few too, many someone spotted my unlocked bike and decided to take it home for the night. Or, on a dare, some kid wheeled away with my wheels and was too nervous to return it.Whatever the case, I want my bike back. I need my bike back. And though I try not to use my job at the Times for personal gain, here goes: If you took my blue-and-white Raleigh mountain bike out of greed, need or sheer stupidity, PLEASE bring it back.I won’t tell a soul what you did (although I can’t promise that the karmic forces won’t make you do an gnarly endo the next time you’re riding a bike, stolen or otherwise.)

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