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Off her rocker

Dear Editor:

Never has “WTF” been more warranted than in response to Etna Tauscher’s letter (“A plug for Willits Veterinary Hospital,” July 4, 2012, The Aspen Times).

I in no way want to diminish the work of John Kuck at Willits Vet Hospital, but for Etna to curry favor by slamming other valley vets is a cheap shot. Her letter is an insult to our vets, who not only work tirelessly (and affordably) here in the valley but who also volunteer their time and forego vacations to work for free at clinics helping pet owners who otherwise could not afford to get their pets the care they need.

Her letter is especially perplexing, as John was a vet at Aspen Animal Hospital for several years – so did Etna actually receive compassionate care at Aspen Animal Hospital, or did John suddenly become more “caring and compassionate” to Etna when he opened his clinic? Her statements are complete fabrication.

Scott Dolginow in particular has always provided and continues to provide our community with exceptional veterinary care, and at all hours of the day and night. He has been there for so many of us – to smile and share in the joy of a new pet or to shed tears with us over the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet. If that isn’t compassionate care, I don’t know what is.

I can sum up my opinion of Etna’s letter in one word: “crazy.”

Anne Gurchick


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