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Of trails, buses and mag chloride

Jon Busch made some good points in a recent opinion article regarding trail interests wanting RFTA to spend money to pave a trail on the rail bed.

Today, the trail interests have a large source of revenue from property taxes allocated for open space and trails. I am also opposed to continued paving of the existing rail bed for trail purposes.

These trail folks have access to your wallet through Pitkin County coffers with a tax levy of 3.77 mills. Check out your recent property tax notice for open space and trails. You can imagine the big bucks they must have to spend on trails.

In the meantime, RFTA is finding it difficult to provide service to working folks in Garfield County, which is not a participating member of RFTA. It’s about time Garfield County became an active and participating member in the RFTA if they want to continue to have bus service in their county.

In regards to the local bus service in Aspen, the city could do a better job with its existing bus resources by showing some ingenuity and innovation. Citizen suggestions for better ways to improve and extend local bus service for less money have been met with resistance or indifference by city staff.

The Galena Street Shuttle could be extended to Centennial and offset with the Hunter Creek schedule to provide 10-minute service into town for that side of Aspen. All-year bus service for the West End is possible at less cost by routing the small Cemetery Lane buses through the West End.

Instead we are given marginal seasonal service that is inadequate in daily hours of operation, while the areas east of Aspen are provided with on demand “dial-a-ride” service that competes with private enterprise.

If at all possible, avoid highway travel at night. Travel by car on a slick, dark highway, covered with mag-chlor gunk that is splashed on to your windshield, is the pits. Why not take the bus, Gus? Save your car and perhaps a life or two. At least the buses are corroded at public expense.

So here’s a toast of Chlor for thee and me.

CDOT, you spray the highway and kill a tree.

Drink up, Tom Norton! This Mag’s for you!

Some dark night on Eighty-two.

Jim Markalunas