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Of natural health

Dear Editor:

My grandmother used to tell me, “For every door that closes, another door will open.” It seems to me that this may be a perfect opportunity to apply this in light of the flu vaccination shortages.

I believe it is natural for our bodies to be healthy. The thing we need to do is not to interfere with being healthy. I would like to offer some ideas, which may be a new perspective in the way we look and treat our bodies’ health.

First of all, the body is always doing exactly what it needs to be doing. Our society has been conditioned to disregard signs and symptoms our body gives us as a malfunction, instead of a warning sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. These signs and symptoms may range from fever to nausea, fatigue and pain. How we listen to our body can greatly influence the health of our body, as well as the resulting factor of how we feel and function in our daily life.

Secondly, there are four elements our bodies must have in order to survive. They are: air, food, water and nerve supply from our brain to every cell in our body. The quality and quantity of all of these determines our health. Diminish any one of these elements and our health is compromised.

Thirdly, the basic premise of our body is that it is a self-healing and self-regulating entity. The nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body. If there is nerve interference, the body will not function at its optimal potential, and all types of symptoms and diseases could result.

I hope that you will see a silver lining in this dark cloud of flu vaccinations. Take the challenge to look for opportunities to take control of your health in a more natural way. You’ll be happy you did.

Tom Lankering, D.C.

Lankering Chiropractic


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