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Of love and health

I understand that an inscription in the ceiling of the United States of America Library of Congress proclaims: “There is one great event in the history of mankind toward which the entire universe moves.” I believe this is universal peace and this is in our DNA.

Several years ago, I read an article about a Catholic nun who had observed a flying disc extracting a column of water from a lake; inside the column of water was a flame and a rose.

When the precious sister died, all her earthly possessions were in a shoebox, which contained a notebook in which she told of her experience and explained the significance of the flame, rose and water: “When Science (Flame) connects with Love (Rose) then Spirit (Water) shall be clear to us.”

We humans have free will, and we can delay this process for centuries, or we can decide to “act as if” this is true and see what happens. (1) Is it possible to win a war and not hurt or destroy anything? (2) Is it possible to rehabilitate persons in prison by extending forgiveness and responsibility for their own rehabilitation to them? (3) Do we have a power in us to control weather, heal sickness, eliminate hunger along with want, fear and ignorance while, at the same time, not cause others to feel inferior?

Speaking of health, is it possible that SARS, the respiratory disease that originated in China, is caused from airborne degenerating feces from bedbugs? Is it also possible for birds to transport this contaminate on their feathers?

I believe love that embraces compassion and truth is the absolute power of the universe and this power can be proven scientifically.

Eloise Ilgen