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Of ignorance and arrogance

Dear Editor:

Normally I resist the temptation to reply to what I see as some of your wackier letters but the letter from Neal Pollack in Monday’s Times creates an exception (“A typical Obama voter”).

Mr. Pollack first builds up the credentials of an “acquaintance” he meets on the street so that he may later knock him down a peg by proving that he really is pretty ignorant after all. A manifestation of this ignorance is that he takes a “quick pull on an enviro-friendly, recycled Obama Kool-ade bottle” as he speaks. Any shades of prejudice here? Mr. Pollack at one point managed to turn the conversation to the subject of global warming, sure that this would be of a concern to his friend. Aha! And so it was, which then enabled Mr. Pollack to engage in a small tirade against those who, “in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still believed the widely discredited anthropogenic global warming myth.”

Once Mr. Pollack had, in his opinion, thoroughly discredited his acquaintance’s civic knowledge and opinions he cast the final blow: “This is the typical voter who put Barack Obama in office and will keep him there unless the citizens wake up …” etc., etc.

I feel a bit sorry for the unfortunate “acquaintance” of Mr. Pollack’s, now so thoroughly put down when used as a foil to which Mr. Pollack so adroitly spouts his opinions and prejudices. I also feel sorry for Mr. Obama, who so obviously was voted into power by a bunch of uneducated and uninformed people who had not the learning and smarts of Mr. Pollack.

Everett Peirce


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