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Of death – and survival

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Everyone from the trio of rafters who were stripped of their dignity, and their clothes, to longtime local Jane Stapleton, who died last weekend, provoked comment from online readers of The Aspen Times over the past week or so.Readers can post comments, anonymously if they wish, to articles published online at http://www.aspentimes.com by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the article. Those reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.The tale of three men who tackled the Colorado River with plenty of beer, but no life jackets, in a raft purchased from Wal-Mart (they were stripped of most of their clothes but escaped without serious injury when the craft flipped in the swollen river) prompted this response:The Lord protects Drunks and Fools…These lads were covered.• • • •Friday’s story about a proposed four-star condominium hotel and perhaps a specialized supermarket in El Jebel elicited this observation: There goes the neighborhood.• • • •News of Jane Stapleton’s death, after her car plunged off Independence Pass last weekend, brought this:Janie was a great, an amazing, lady with whom my wife and I enjoyed some great times, conversation, ‘browm liquor’ (Scotch…or whisky…or whatever) and an occasional cigar. She will be missed terribly.Reverend (as she called me) Dale L. Smith, Fort Worth, TX.And also this:I worked with Jane Stapelton, at the little Nell, from 1996-1998, and I have to say she made my life there more joyful, and a happy place to work. What a nice lady she was.• • • •A May 31 Aspen Times editorial, “Holtzman candidacy the better alternative for GOP,” referred to part-time area resident and gubernatorial hopeful Marc Holtzman as a one-time head chancellor at the University of Denver, prompting a correction from one reader. Tom Russell, law professor at the university, wrote:A small correction: Holtzman was the president at the University of Denver, not the chancellor. Dan Ritchie was chancellor while Holtzman was president. There’s no such thing as “head chancellor” at DU; you might be thinking of Dumbledore, the head master at Harry Potter’s school.• • • •Andy Stone’s June 1 column, “Seeking the right answer for Aspen,” about seeking the right balance between Aspen the town and Aspen the resort, sparked this comment:Andy, Your commentary on seeking the right answer for Aspen is both insightful and right on the mark. It also has direct relevance to our fair Village of Snowmass.Keep up your clear headed thinking and writing. You’re bringing clarity to our cluttered and confused minds. Mel D. Blumenthal• • • •Su Lum’s May 31 column, “Singing to puppies,” produced this request:Su, please provide a warning at the top of your column before foisting visuals like “wearing nothing but a T-shirt that barely reached my navel” upon the unsuspecting before they’ve finished their first cup of coffee. I should be thankful, I suppose, that I’m not your neighbor, as I might have seen you dash outside after your dogs in that getup.

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