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O’Donnell’s facts

Dear Editor:I would like to take a moment to set the record straight.Over the last year, Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) has been the target of accusations and innuendo regarding the February ’05 referendum on Snowmass Base Village.There have been unsubstantiated claims that ASC “engineered” the election by displacing international workers and replacing them with U.S. citizens in our Club Commons employee housing project in Snowmass. These allegations are completely false.From town of Snowmass Village public records and ASC personnel files, we were able to establish the following facts:At the time of the referendum, approximately 60 of the 154 residents of Club Commons were U.S. citizens. This average is consistent with prior years. There was no displacement of foreign workers.Only 23 residents of Club Commons chose to vote. Compare this to the 65 percent turnout of residents as a whole.Of registered voters, 1,155 turned out for the base village referendum. Fifty-five percent of voters were in favor of base village. The election was decided by a margin of 10 percent, or 122 votes. The 23 Club Commons votes had no impact on the outcome of the election.Of the 23 employees who voted, 14 of them are still employed by ASC. Twelve of these 14 employees have been employed for more than one season. These men and women are citizens of Snowmass, not “transient workers” as some have claimed.Residents of Snowmass, including our employees, expressed their right to vote in record numbers. We presented them with our position on Base Village. We all know those opposed to Base Vßillage did the same. We do not know how they voted once they entered the booth.Let’s move forward. Stop the untrue claims and allegations. If you really care about Snowmass, show up. Participate. Express your opinions. Back them up with facts and offer constructive solutions. Let’s move forward with integrity and honesty.Pat O’DonnellPresident/CEOAspen Skiing Company