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Ode to Ed Berkeley’s knees

Dear Editor:Aspen’s shops sure shift locationFrom vacation to vacation.Dining places vanish, too,Making way for something new.I prefer what never changes -Grandeur of the mountain ranges,The leaping fountain near the park,The magic of the sky near dark.But best of summer’s constancies -The pleasures of Ed Berkeley’s knees.How I love his Master ClassesAnd I bring my opera glassesTo enjoy the best of sports -Eying Berkeley in his shorts.Oh, Ed Berkeley you’re no Grable, But your legs look strong and stable.You perfect each student’s styleWhile your humor makes them smile.How you energize their acting -And your standards are exacting!But while singers trill their high notes,It’s your ankles that get my votes.From the first strains of Ben BrittenIt was clear that I was smitten.Maybe it’s those snappy socks -I think: me vixen, you fox.Surely you’re a happy fella;There’s a grin on your patella!Opera lovers crave romance.(Could I love Ed in long pants?)Ethel GofenChicago

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