O’Connor a great lawman

Dear Editor:

We are writing to you in support of Roderick O’Connor, whom we have known personally and professionally since 1990.

As former part-time residents and continuing visitors to Snowmass Village over the past 25 years, we came to know Roderick first as a trusted property manager and later as a dedicated police officer. Consequently, we were stunned to read about his placement on administrative leave for alleged tyrannical management personnel practices.

During the years we have known Roderick, we have had the opportunity to visit with him in Colorado and to have him as a guest in our home in Hawaii. We have hiked with him, dined with him, shared life experiences and philosophies with him and generally observed his personal growth since 1990. We often talked with him about his decision to pursue a career in law enforcement. We agreed that his skills as a mediator and anger-management trainer, based on his personal philosophy and practice, ideally suited him for a career in law enforcement.

Based on all of our personal and repeated interactions with Roderick, we have found him to be a caring, gentle and fair-minded person who loves his work as a police officer and is dedicated to protecting his community. In other words, the very opposite of the unfair tyrant alleged by just a few members of his staff.

We are confident that if you look beyond the allegations of the few staff members unhappy with Roderick, and consider the views of people who know Roderick, you will determine that Roderick is the kind of compassionate, dedicated and fair-minded police chief the residents of Basalt deserve and need.

Robert S. Katz Esq. and Marcy A. Katz