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Observations from a bozo

Dear Editor:

I’m one of the “bozos” alluded to in Mr. Westcott’s recent letter (“Slash and burn by the GOP,” March 7, The Aspen Times).

If unions used good judgment in their demands for workers, then I would be supportive, as I once was. Everyone, including us “bozos,” should recognize that excessively high pensions are bankrupting our cities and counties. “Bozos” know that overlapping regulations (EPA) are strangling our country. I’m waiting for the day when Al Gore is properly ridiculed for perpetuating the global warming hoax on our country. (But I’m a bozo). The “Bush debacle” was actually the Dodd-Frank debacle.

Our country is heading for bankruptcy unless painful changes are made in the funding of many federal programs. But what do I know. I’m just a bozo.

Dick Prosence



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