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Obermeyer too tall

(This letter was originally addressed to the Aspen City Council.)

We write as a result of a resolution unanimously passed at the recent Homeowners Association annual meeting to express our concerns about the development which has been proposed by Obermeyer and which is being considered by the elements of the city of Aspen government.

We understand the need to keep businesses in the downtown area, and we are especially aware of the need to provide affordable housing in the Aspen area, being employers ourselves. We feel, however, that there is a larger aspect to be considered in this case.

Aspen has had a traditional, three-story building height limit to keep our town from growing past the beauty that surrounds it. While the economies of scale might suggest that taller buildings are the solution to the problem being addressed, it starts a precedent that will be impossible to reverse.

To illustrate our point, consider how difficult it is to see the natural beauty that surrounds Vail from many points in its business and residential districts. The buildings in Vail get in the way of these views and create a climate that is all business. That is something we would never want to happen in Aspen, and, once started, will be impossible to avoid.

We join with the mayor in her opposition to the height of this project, and we strongly urge you to maintain the historic beauty of our town against the dramatic backdrop nature has provided for us.

Reject building plans such as this one that do not fit within the limits provided by the wise people who founded Aspen and brought it to this point for us to enjoy.

David Sloviter, Jack Jacoby and John Bloniarz

Aspen Mountain Lodge Homeowners Association

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