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Obama the warlord

Dear Editor:

“Are you a prisoner?” Hugo Chavez asked Warlord Obomer. Sadly, it would seem so. Captive to what IKE warned USans of, upon leaving office back in the salad days of 1960, the peril of the beast of the M.I.C. (military industrial complex).

The Obomer’s speech announcing an escalation in Afghanistan could have been given by Bush.

More blood and treasure to stand up a corrupt Karzai government. Obviously, the hated occupiers, the U.S. forces, are driving the violence and increasing support for the Taliban. Leave it to the neocons to make the Taliban look good.

On the Obomer’s first day in office, he was shown the Zapruda film (JFK getting blown away). The two military-types showing him the film asked, “Any questions?”

Chains we can believe in.

Ben Newell


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