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Obama really embodies change

Dear Editor:

Regarding Addison Gardner’s July 1 column, “Obama: Redeemer or fraud?” I would have to draw the conclusion that he is neither. He is simply the Democrat “candidate of change.” He has said it himself many times, and now he is demonstrating it. He has changed his mind about campaign financing. He has changed his mind about making the presidential race a “race-based” contest. He has thrown all of his controversial friends (and pastor) under the bus in an effort to change religious and social affiliations. He has changed his mind about wearing a flag pin in his lapel. He has changed his mind about the Second Amendment.

Wow! Never in my lifetime has a candidate been so faithful to his campaign promise: CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE!!! Now “hope” may be the promise he cannot live up to. The hope that Americans have that their president will stand for something and mean it. The hope that Americans have that their president will not be a hypocrite who will lick his or her finger and hold it up to the wind of opinion polls. The hope that Americans have that their president will be steadfast and true to himself and his own spoken and demonstrated ideals. I have no illusions about Obama; he is hardly a “redeemer,” and a “fraud” is someone who hasn’t blatantly shown you his hand. Right now he’s just whatever he thinks he needs to be to get elected; if elected, we will see the “real” Obama. And what we know so far is that he is a liar, a hypocrite and a recent friend to crooks and radicals. Great.

Sarah Mock

Atlanta, Ga.

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