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Obama is going to destroy America

Dear Editor:

Elections certainly have consequences, don’t they!

Now that the messiah of the progressive liberals has his second term by hook or crook, we will get to watch the immediate death spiral of the once-greatest nation in the world.

I unapologetically state that your messiah is an egomaniac, narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar and a communist! OK, now cue the cries of racism!

Now with a second term, and no concern for future elections, your messiah will be unleashed to proceed with the destruction of America!

I’ll make just a few of many near-term predictions:

We are facing an economic collapse far greater than that of the Great Depression. Businesses large and small, all across America, are already laying off or reducing hours to 28 or less per week, due to the impending Obamacare penalties. Expect to see many business and companies to close in the future.

Obamacare is not remotely going to be the wonderful thing you think it will be. The government is nationalizing health care and will micromanage every aspect of your lives with it.

Thanks to an out-of-control Federal Reserve, our dollar is being intentionally devalued and destroyed. The banking system is intentionally being destroyed. Our energy sector is being destroyed, with nothing viable to replace it.

We will see the government continue to nationalize major corporations such as GM and then control or destroy them.

There will be a massive crackdown on our freedoms, enforced by the government through the Justice Department, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, AmeriCorps, the Environmental Protection Agency and an assortment of other government entities.

Expect further attacks on our freedoms of speech, especially over the Internet, religion, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 10th amendments.

Expect further, massive spending and taxes intentionally designed to cripple the citizenry and America as a whole.

Expect an immediate move to cap and trade, which will have no effect on so-called global warming, climate change or climate disruption. But designed to strip every business of finances and giving unprecedented power to the government over everything. The end result to the citizenry will be crushing energy and product costs that will negatively affect everything!

The goal is to destroy capitalism and the middle class. Your messiah has always hated everything traditionally considered American – do a little research on him instead of blindly idolizing him!

The goal is to force America into a communist nation with the political, wealthy elite at the top controlling the rest of the population, which will rapidly be forced into an impoverished existence!

Just like every communist country in history, mediocrity and poverty will rule. No one will be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights as an American and attempt to strike out on their own to create their own wealth or achieve their own dreams because that simply would not be fair to the rest and social justice would not be served!

The apparatchiks who voted for Obama deserves everything they are going to get! Unfortunately, the rest get to suffer as well.

Lee Perkins

Glenwood Springs

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