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Obama is a fraud

Dear Editor:

Congress finally forced the Fed to disclose who got how much during the bailout. Our money was bestowed to any bank, hedge fund or rich person who wanted it. The nation’s largest banks borrowed, then lent it back to the federal government at substantially higher rates. While we were bailing out GM, the Fed was lending billions to Japanese competitors at obscenely low interest rates.

As our dollar sinks, as unemployment destroys lives, as homes sit vacant, as the stock market soars, as the rich get richer, the poor poorer, America is realizing why Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, etc. all insist that our most treacherous, most dangerous foe is a central bank.

We pay interest on every dollar the Fed prints; in 2010 this needless burden added $414 billion to our national debt. However, the U.S. has, in the past, issued its own currency, such as the Greenback Dollar, interest free. Congress managed our money supply, not ruthless bankers who have never been audited.

Instead of change, Obama proclaimed that the head of the Fed would become Secretary of the Treasury and he granted the Fed even more authority. His economic advisers are titans of Wall Street. He reinforces the policies of the Bush era, and continues to make war as the industrial military complex grows ever more stronger. It is obvious whose side he is on.

Obama never mentions the role of the Fed in creating our money supply. His response to the ever increasing masses of people demonstrating in our streets, holding signs proclaiming “End the Fed” was to appear, everywhere, even on Oprah, and finally release, after spending a fortune opposing lawsuits, his birth certificate. He swore it did not exist and now “I’ve been puzzled by the degree this thing just kept on going.”

With a wave of his hand Obama declared the debate over, a debate Hillary had initiated in the primaries, and sternly warned of the dangers of conspiracy theories. Logic suggests that Obama had reasons for not producing a birth certificate at that time and it is a fact that Obama’s life story is shrouded from public access.

His Social Security number is reserved for those living in Connecticut while he had no known connections to that state. Obama promised a transparent presidency, yet he refuses to make public any of his school records, his Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Illinois Bar records, Illinois Senate records, medical records, passport records, and, probably most importantly, his adoption records.

Obama described his mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro, as a free-spirit and a “child of the sixties” yet she met Obama’s father in a Russian language class and worked for the Ford Foundation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Bank Rakyat.

This saga becomes really interesting … because the certificate Obama released is an obvious, amateurish, almost comical if not so grave, forgery. A brief excursion into the forensic evidence, pixels tell the truth, and you may suddenly become a conspiracy theorist.

Democracy demands a fair debate, a panel of experts, coverage in the mainstream media. If, in fact, the certificate is a fraud … game over for Obama. However, he waited until we are nauseated at the mention of a “birther.” The certificate will probably join WMDs, magic bullets and towers that defy the laws of gravity. Or it could change America.

They could have created an impeccable forgery, so why this parody? An epic mistake or could it simply be hubris? Or is it a red herring, designed to produce more noise, further dividing, further obscuring the greatest transfer of wealth in human history and those criminally responsible?

Wikileaks recently revealed that the U.S. had knowingly imprisoned 150 innocent men at Guantanamo just as Obama decreed that the director of the CIA shall become Secretary of Defense and that a general with more stars than Orion will become our top spy.

Footnote: There was plenty of time to properly identify bin Laden. Instead, his body was dumped, mafia style, along with the truth, into the depths.

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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