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Obama gets a pass

Dear Editor:

In your front-page article of Oct. 24, 2011, “Tipton got $10,600 from firm in drilling fight,” you have targeted Rep. Scott Tipton for money donated to him by a gas drilling company. Are you really being fair? Are you and the others targeting him because he is a Republican?

Why don’t you have Obama on the front page for wasting $535 million on Solyndra; $1.2 billion on SunPower, etc. This is our money, the taxpayers’!

A lot of the executives of these companies are big donors to Obama’s campaign. Pelosi’s family is involved with them. They also have invested personally in these companies. Where is the outrage!

People shove them aside when it comes to the Democrats. Why does David Donnelly spend time checking on the Democrats, too! Fair is fair.

If Obama is involved it’s OK!

Maria Larsen



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