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Obama a Manchurian puppet

Dear Editor:

Satire and political cartoons are true American literary free-speech forms that have an elevated place in American life. The article “Obama supporters rip magazine satire” (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, July 15) illustrates the stupidity and the lack of the Americanization of Barack Obama, and the silliness and sociopathic psychobabble of Obama and his supporters.

I am tired of the political sissy words and behavior of Obama and the phony lap-dog news media supporting him because the news reporting wasteland of America never favored or pampered “real do-something heroic” Afro-Americans (African-Americans) like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Hon. Charlie Rangel and Hon. Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

It is incorrect to call Obama an Afro-American, because he is not of our gene pool and our history. It is correct to call him an American African who is an alien and who through his body language, conduct and speeches shows contempt for American blacks and does not talk and act in the same manner when he mingles with American whites and foreigners.

The so-called liberal news media favors Obama because he is not one of us. Their ilk have constantly done this throughout American history, because they promote that his kind is better than us Americans.

Obama is just a Manchurian puppet for his masters, like Jim Crown of the Aspen Skiing Company and General Dynamics, the Kennedy family and collective social garbage.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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