Nuts and politics |

Nuts and politics

Dear Editor:The first rule of nuts is “lefty loosey, righty tighty.” It occurred to me that this is a fair description of the state of politics in America. The left tries to make life easier for the majority of Americans; the right wants everyone walking in lockstep. For example, take the recent Supreme Court decision that claims medical marijuana should be restricted under the interstate commerce regulations. The evidence is overwhelming that marijuana can be a saving grace for people with health problems that are otherwise untreatable. The United States has a long tradition of states’ rights that allows individual states to create their own laws.Sensibly, a number of states, like Colorado, have passed laws allowing people to grow their own pot for their own medicinal use. Unfortunately for the people whose only hope of relief from pain and suffering is from this drug, this right has been taken away by a bunch of “tighties” in black robes. You see, the truth is that the “Supremes” are just as worried that the people using this drug might actually, secretly, be having some fun. Nor are they really convinced that the drug does any good. People who become “Supremes” are the same people that you used to see at a party. When the joint was passed around, they always said: “I don’t get it. I don’t feel any different.” They’re Righty Tighties.Patrick HunterCarbondale