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Nutrition, spirituality, fitness, science

Stewart OksenhornAspen, CO Colorado

SNOWMASS VILLAGE What exactly is wellness? A positive spirit? Nurturing relationships? An organic diet? Healthy gums?In the view of Josh Behrman, and more. Which is why Behrman, organizer of the Snowmass Wellness Experience, has included multiple elements into this year’s edition of the event, which kicks off with the Swing Into Wellness dinner-dance tonight, and follows with a variety of events Saturday and Sunday in Snowmass Village.”Nutrition, spirituality, fitness, science – these are the key components to a holistic lifestyle,” said Behrman, a yoga-practicing vegetarian. “A lot of wellness events focus on just one aspect, but our theme this year has been to incorporate all of these.”This year’s Wellness Experience features a yoga component organized by the local Shakti Foundation, cooking demonstrations, a nature walk focused on medicinal herbs, and a cycling workshop.Behrman stressed that wellness is not merely a vague notion of feeling well, but identifiable aspects of well-being. So this year’s event stresses measurable results.”There’s so much new, evidence-based proof about how your mind and body work,” he said. “So a lot of our speakers have evidence of how certain things help in the healing process in your life. It’s not all fou-fou, some person saying if you think a positive thought, you’ll have positive results.”Among the presenters at the Snowmass Wellness Experience: Marianne Williamson (keynote speaker): author of nine books, including the New York Times No. 1 bestseller, “A Return to Love”; named one of Newsweek magazine’s 50 most influential baby boomers; founder of the Peace Alliance, which seeks to establish the U.S. Department of Peace. Steve Hess: strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Nuggets. Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.: author of “Dr. Murray’s Total Body Tune-Up,” and co-author of “A Textbook of Natural Medicine.” Lisa Ruoff: owner/operator of Eco-Goddess Edibles, an organic vegetarian caterer based in Carbondale. Belleruth Naparstek: psychotherapist and author; innovator in guided imagery, a technique for using the imagination to self-healing. Dr. Barry Bittman, M.D.: CEO and medical director of the Mind-Body Wellness Center, in Meadville, Pa. Swamis Brahmananda and Dharmavati: authors of 15 books, including “Unconditional Love” and “Voices From the Heart”; writers of the daily Chillout inspirational messages for Sprint cell phones. Dr. Pamela Peeke: author of “Body for Life for Women” and “Fit to Live”; assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Complementary Medicine at the University of MarylandStewart Oksenhorn’s e-mail address is