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‘Nutcracker’ article false and misleading

Dear Editor:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but in the article about me (“Young Aspenite’s ballet dream comes true,” published Dec. 20 in The Aspen Times) it makes it sound like my mom discouraged me and told me I couldn’t be Clara.

The truth is that, when I was 4, I asked her that, and she said it wouldn’t really happen when I was 4. But in my shows then she still supported me the whole way. She never discouraged me, only supported me and kept me going.

But, when I was getting bigger and the right size, I got more and more excited. When I was nearly old enough and big enough, she told me not to let it get me down if I didn’t get the part. And she kept me up and going.

The article makes it sound as though my mom discouraged me, when she actually helped me and encouraged me!

I just wanted to sort that out.

Remy Lamping


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