NRA wins again

Dear Editor:

Rarely, maybe never, is the American public wrong when close to 90 percent agree on an issue. That’s the rough percentage of Americans who agree that there should be stronger background checks before buying guns. Why, then, did such a belief fail to get through a vote in the Senate? It failed because 41 Republicans and five Democrats fear the National Rifle Association.

We’re being held hostage by an unelected special-interest group, and we need to respond.

While I don’t respect single-issue voters, it’s important that people not forget this vote. We elect politicians to represent us. These 46 senators deserve to lose their seats. They shouldn’t lose their seats to even further extremists, so pay attention. Look for someone who will actually represent the will of the American public.

I can agree with the 46 senators who voted against this bill that it wouldn’t solve all the violence associated with guns. I disagree strongly, however, with their votes against it. I think it was far too weak a bill, but at least it would have sent a message that Americans are tired of senseless violence and that the NRA doesn’t represent America’s current values.

Instead, we are sending a message that America values guns more than it values the lives of innocent children. It sends a message that votes can be bought by an extremist agenda. It sends a message that Americans don’t care.

I disagree. Let’s not forget this vote.

Peter Westcott