Now hear this, you meddling government |

Now hear this, you meddling government

Dear Editor:

The more I read and hear about the ban of plastic bags, the more angry I get about the whole idiotic idea. On Monday I was in the check-out line in City Market in El Jebel, and I watched a lady in the next aisle checking out. She had a cart that was overflowing with groceries and when the bagger filled her three cloth bags he filled four more plastic bags! So where is the justice in using cloth bags the bureaucrats on the various town councils want us to use? It doesn’t make any sense at all!

I get paper bags because we can recycle them when unloaded, and for paper bags that end up in the landfill they dissolve in a relatively short time when plastic won’t. So will one of you bureaucrats tell me why I’m going to be charged 20 cents per paper bag? What happened to “we the people”? Have we lost our rights?

When we have our next election the bag question should be on the ballot so it’s up to the people to vote yes or no on the bag question! It should be on the same ballot with the bureaucrats running for election to re-election because “We the people” will remember!

If you ‘crats want to raise money for your town put parking meters in your town and towns with supermarkets; get permission to install them in store parking lots! Stick it to the people any way you can! Economic times are tough on many people and it upsets me when I see people buying old bread, old fruit and out-dated foods to make ends meet and I’m checking out $120 in groceries and these people are counting coupons and buying out-dated stuff!

Everyone in our valley is not well-off and it shows in many ways! Another thing, there was a survey done on the cloth bags people buy and it was discovered that after a number of uses the bags had debris and bacteria unless washed frequently.

So wake up, bureaucrats. Don’t let your power go to your heads and do what you were elected to do: Serve the people. Enough said!

Chris Tessem


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