November 2003

November kicks off with pure magic and the capacity

for genius in all of us. Along with this there is a

deep and profound demand on all of us to deepen and

surrender to our Higher Self, Soul, the Is, God or as

I like to name it, The Universe. Looking at the

astrology for this first week in November I sit in

awe, and think to myself “Wow, this is going to be a

JOURNEY!!” Depending what your sign is it will affect

you in different ways and different areas of your life

and in essence it will bring us all much of what we

want and need…. rewards, challenges, tests and

lessons and the sum total of it all is you will know

you are alive!!

This period of magic involves deep connection on

emotional and intuitive levels of your being,

connection with Spirit, and the capacity to ground all

this, to bring it onto and into the physical plane.

Sound cosmic? Good, it will be, but in a way that

makes it and keeps it, and you, real. Its not wishy

washy spiritual wankery, its down to Earth practical,

awareness and knowledge and opening. It IS big.

THEN on the 13th the planetary formulation of aspects

in the sky that was creating a Kite, indicating much

of the above, magically shape shifts into A Mystic

Rectangle…. something I have never before seen …

the Mystic Rectangle actually looks like a door with

criss crosses in it, and acts as a portal to other

dimensions, in my experience. When they occur I do my

best to stay in a space of being willing to receive

knowledge, information, pictures, feelings, tastes…

anything that is possible, from on high, or wherever

its coming from.

Too cosmic? I have a friend who learned to do this and

channeled technology that is unique on the planet, is

good for people and will make him a billion dollars in

the coming years. So open your mind, heart and soul to

whatever goodness and good news might be on offer to

you. Remember that the Universe is a place of magic

and mystery and this period lets us experience the

wonder and awe of that in a direct and personal way.

The opening of this portal last continually until the

24th, again a very rare thing for one to remain so

long. I suggest you put a sign reminding you of all

this on your bathroom mirror – where you will see it

each day – just saying “Stay open to magic and

miracles today”. Got it?

The last 2 weeks of the month your mind will be going

DEEP – and is it any wonder given what will have been

happening? … yes deep, thinking deeply and

processing all the information you have received also

at deep levels. Folks, this just could profoundly

change your life!

From mid-month till the end of December you will have

big growth leaps that involve expansion of your

awareness of deep inner demons and passion. You will

be connecting with both buried anger and passion, both

needing to be released in healthy ways.