Nothing to toot about |

Nothing to toot about

Dear Editor:

I was reading John Colson’s article on the front page of the Aspen Times Oct. 15 issue that Michael Owsley will not show up for the Red Ant Forum. It is interesting to me that Commissioner Owsley, who has been very critical of his opponent Shellie Roy, isn’t man enough to be present at the forum on Oct. 22. This forum would have been a good time for Mr. Owsley to toot his horn over the accomplishments during his term in office.

Maybe Mr. Owsley doesn’t have much to toot about. I believe that Mr. Owsley really has not accomplished anything during his term and that is why he can only attack Ms. Roy. This guy has even regurgitated his previous campaign slogan “he’d be good,” which he borrowed from a comment that Ms. Roy made about him running against her in the previous election. How tired.

Mr. Owsley states that the Red Ant forum is “some kind of axe-grinding session.” What? Are you kidding me, you are running for public office and you are worried about possible criticism at a public forum? Sounds like someone doesn’t like the heat in the kitchen.

Mr. Owsley goes on to state that the tongue-in-cheek label of “Chairman Mao’s Diner,” a name that was given by the Red Ant to the working mans pub to be housed in the basement of the new Cooper Street Pier project, as his reason to believe that the R.A. has an agenda that is anti-liberal. If I may quote Mr. Owsley “I’m not really interested in associating with that kind of thing.” That statement is comparable to George W. Bush not wanting to go to the NAACPs Presidential forums during his two election runs, because they were anti-conservative.

Well Mr. Owsley, you should remember one thing, you can’t defend yourself if you are not in the room.

James H. Perry


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