Nothing cute about fur |

Nothing cute about fur

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Art Museum just sent an invitation to attend the Dennis Basso runway fashion show benefiting the museum. It’s only $10,000 for a front row runway seating for four. I almost sent a check, but then I remembered Dennis’ ads, the ones featuring pretty girls with raccoon makeup dressed in fur.

I always have to wonder where the fur comes from. Down here in Silt, we have animals that seem to get along just fine until one of the locals hunts them down with dogs, or traps them in snares or various leghold traps where they tend to suffer a lot. Sometimes a quick bullet will put them out their misery, but sometimes they hang on for days. Sometimes they even chew their legs off getting out of the traps they get caught in.

Eventually, the perpetrator shows up, peels their skin off, discards the body, and sells the pelt to someone like Dennis Basso to make cute little dresses out of.

It seems like the chic and sleek set are oblivious to the cruelty often involved in making their little outfits, or maybe they just don’t care.

I have a picture of a bobcat that was skinned earlier this year and dumped beside the road near my home. I hope anyone who is considering buying a fine fur this year, or supporting anyone who promotes this practice will consider the ramifications of doing so. I hope they remember this every time they see a fur. Buying fur only leads to more such shameless and barbaric cruelty.

I also have some photos of chewed off legs in trap shots, snared and skinned coyotes, and some baby foxes that were blasted in a culvert to help make fashion possible … if anyone is interested.

Bernie Boettcher


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