Not worth the fight |

Not worth the fight

Dear Editor:I want to express my sadness that Mr. Waldeck cannot respect the kindness and generosity of his neighbors, the Parkers of Happy Day Ranch and the Aspen Valley Land Trust. I understand he would love to acquire a piece of “Nancy’s Path” through the idea of what I would essentially call “squatter’s rights.”Just because the Parkers have been kind enough to let your cattle trample through their land and all they asked was that you respect the land and the wildlife by not using motorized vehicles or hunt. The Parkers are a great benefit to the valley, donating and volunteering in environmental and humanitarian affairs. I know from personal experience. Nancy Parker was my best friend growing up and unfortunately died an untimely death from cancer. In her memory and with love, Nancy’s Path was established so all could walk through the beautiful sage and wildflowers and enjoy the fresh air. I sincerely hope Mr. Waldeck uses the alternate path up to the BLM land, stop suing the fine people of Basalt and maybe share a potluck dinner with the Parkers to get beyond the pettiness. You get more with honey than vinegar, Tom. Holly Webster Basalt

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