Not worth saving |

Not worth saving

To: The Aspen City Council

From: Shellie Roy, Aspen

Re: Historic structures

It would be a travesty to freeze Aspen’s image in the cheaply built and often ugly architecture of the late 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

While it is true that this period is part of Aspen’s history ” I arrived in 1975 and had a couple of wild flowered cowboy shirts and funky platform Frye boots that fit well with the absence of classic that sums up the period. I did keep one pair of shoes for costume parties ” and that is the point. Making the conscious decision to retain a couple of particularly well designed and built structures has merit ” trying to keep 89 of these structures is ridiculous.

These buildings are not a legacy the City Council should bequeath to Aspen.

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