Not willing to give up |

Not willing to give up

Dear Editor:I want to apologize to anyone who was offended by my last letter to your paper (Wednesday, June 22).It was not my intention to malign anyone’s honest efforts in our country’s life-and-death struggle against terrorism. All those men, women and children deserve our highest praise, but I hope it’s for an honest cause. You see, I believe we’re all caught up in some deadly cat-and-mouse game where the prize is absolute power. Isn’t this really all about who gets to say what goes? I mean, when someone has all the money one could possibly ever need, what else is there but absolute power?I’m simply not willing to give up my right to privacy simply because some flag-waving, blustering yahoo says I ought to. Isn’t it really because they don’t trust me not to join the other side, and my pesky rights are “hindering” their “fishing” expedition? Trust? Do tell. Now there’s a laugh, if I ever heard one!Frankly, I feel that some of my government officials have a lot of damn gall, especially when I read my history books and check out the daily news! So, this all begs the question: Who can one trust? Just look at the record, and it becomes very plain to see who’s telling the truth. I just know that both sides of the war are wearing black hats, that’s all!Bob KeenanCarbondale