Not too Cleverly |

Not too Cleverly

Robert LeBuhn

Dear Editor:Maybe Michael Cleverly should go back to school or at the very least do some homework! (“Built it and they will walk? Think again,” July 21.)The idea for a bike path along Castle Creek Road has been around for years. Why shouldn’t the Aspen Music Festival and School advocate for its constituents? Do we have to wait for a disaster to happen before we develop a solution to a problem?If not so Cleverly really thought about it, bike paths throughout Pitkin County have always been paid for with taxpayers’ money – never has a nonprofit or any other property owner been asked to pay for such a path.Why compare the Castle Creek bike path to the Cemetery Lane disaster when there are many other wonderful and beautiful bike paths in the valley. And, what is the “stuff” that the county and town build for the Aspen Music Festival and School?Also, what is the relevance mentioning the musicians receiving payments for performance? These are dedicated young people who make our lives better through their art.Robert LeBuhnSnowmass Village