Not to be a pain in the ARC … |

Not to be a pain in the ARC …

I don’t want to sound like a nit picker, but the increasingly common mispronunciation of the acronym for the new Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) irritates me.

The word “center,” from which the “C” in the acronym ARC comes from, begins with a soft “S” sound. Accordingly, “ARC” should not be said with the coarse, hard sound of a “K” at the end.

To me, using the hard C sound in the acronym conjures up images of some huge, dark, stuffy vessel constructed with 40-day rainstorms in mind; a place where we stare out of the windows, pining for the moment when we will once again be free to run and play outside in the fresh air and bright sunshine.

My first impressions of the ARC are generally good, though. It’s a bit on the large side, but has a decent shape to it, I guess. I’m glad that they decided to cover it up, too. In our mountain climate, an exposed ARC is oftentimes a cold ARC.

So if you like a good ARC, go check this one out.

Gordo Stephen

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