Not thinking, perhaps |

Not thinking, perhaps

Dear Editor:

On Monday around noon two friends and myself were heading out on McClain Flats Road for the estavado soup special at the Woody Creek Tavern.

About halfway down we encountered a herd of about 80 elk on the left side of the road. They were strung out for a couple hundred yards.

The first group were grazing very contentedly, the second bunch in the adjacent 100-acre parcel were scratching around in the snow and looking very bewildered. It seems as though some Texan had scraped the entire parcel down to the bare dirt two years ago so he could build a single-dwelling house for himself or possibly as a real estate investment.

We were as confused as the elk why this project was approved in the first place and then had to be approached in this inconsiderate, selfish and ridiculous manner.

Makes you wonder what some people are thinking, or not thinking.

Don Dixon


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