Not the whole story |

Not the whole story

Dear Editor:

Your article dated Monday, Aug. 27, regarding the “exodus” from the Aspen Police Department is a good example of bad journalism (“Aspen Police Department exodus”).

The message sent by your newspaper was irresponsible and uninformed.

Not once does the author investigate unemployment rates for other local businesses, city governments or public safety agencies. The author didn’t consider the national retention rates for police officers, and he didn’t determine the number of years of service and knowledge base of the remaining Aspen Police Department officers.

The article was an opportunity for the author to criticize the Aspen Police Department without any real facts motivated by some mysterious grudge. Why haven’t you investigated the “exodus” from the sheriff’s department? There are several deputies that have moved on to greener grasses in the last year. Perhaps you were blinded by your personal bias and unable to see the bigger picture of public service and employment rates. You quickly assume poor management is to blame. Didn’t you read the article just weeks ago regarding Western Slope police agencies not being able to fill open positions? Duh!

Where were your managers when they let you publish this ridiculous article? Sounds like poor management to me!

Laney Ford