Not such a mess |

Not such a mess

Dear Editor:

Re: “No residents yet at Little Nell” (Inside Business, Dec. 16)…

I take offense to attorney Neil Karbank’s slanderous remarks about the state of ingress and egress at RLN. I quote him from the article: “On Dec. 1, 2008, all of such areas were littered with construction materials, scaffolding, plastic sheeting, ladders, cement mixers, wheelbarrows, tool sheds, half-built walls, piles of cut and uncut stone, piles of lumber, masonry saws, wet concrete, debris, pallets of mortar, overflowing Dumpsters, portable restrooms for construction workers, plastic lean-to work stations, loose wiring, electrical supplies …,”

His words are simply not true. Hundreds of people every day walk in and out of the building with no problem. The superintendents have done an excellent job in communicating with the fire department and enforcing life safety and accessibility since the beginning of the job. The materials and temporary facilities that Mr. Karbank references are stored at such locations because they are necessary to complete the job. Every contractor on site has their materials stored in such a way as to keep the paths of egress unobstructed at any given time.

In spite of the obvious challenges faced when constructing such a building at the base of a public recreation mountain, and amid a busy street of resort and retail traffic in a business core, the safety and logistical achievements of the past year are a true marvel of any project in any large American city. Those in charge of the operation should be commended.

Adam L. Reiner

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