Not so Golden? Only to a mere few |

Not so Golden? Only to a mere few

Dear Editor:

I couldn’t disagree more with the comments of Heidi McGuire on the Golden Leaf Half Marathon held this past Saturday. Not only was the race extremely well run, but kudos have to be extended to the organizers at the Ute and the more than 100 hard-working volunteers who gave up their beautiful fall Saturday to work the race in support of the 1,000 or so participants.

I too had my mishaps (twice turned an ankle and dislocated a finger), but I’m not going to blame my misfortune on a “poorly located photographer” or “little yellow signs.” The truth is that first aid was available, and certainly had the writer been seriously injured, Aspen’s Mountain Rescue would have surely been called in. Furthermore, the course was well marked with signs (and in some instances manned with people), with there never being a doubt as to which way to turn.

A truly “experienced technical trail runner” knows how to deal with adversity in a race, not publicly bash its organizer or attempt to tarnish its long-running and well-acclaimed (and deservedly so) reputation because of a bad day.

Thankfully we live in a community that has well-qualified organizers, sponsors and willing volunteers to help conduct these magnificent events. The Golden Leaf certainly falls into this category, and I’m quite certain that Ute Mountaineer and Vasque have not “taken advantage” of anyone here, as the writer suggests.

I am also quite certain, after reading the blogs, that the majority of the participants do not share Ms. McGuire’s viewpoint. Perhaps she’ll spare us the aggravation and do what she says and “run on her own.”

I, for one, can’t wait for the 2011 registration forms.

Michael Solondz


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