Not ‘settled science’ |

Not ‘settled science’

Dear Editor:

Re: Gerry Terwilliger’s letter, printed on Feb. 15

It is so sad that we are expending so much of our financial and labor resources on global warming hype. Unfortunately so much information is speculation and opinions expressed as facts that are not true, usually misrepresented and often done to mislead the public at large.

Such is the case of misrepresentation in statements made by Mr. Terwilliger.

His statement about the Inuit’s villages being “washed away because the permafrost has disappeared” is just blatantly misleading. Permafrost has not disappeared. Nor is the Greenland Ice Sheet disappearing. In fact away from coastal areas it has been steadily gaining thickness at a rate of about two centimeters per year for some decades now.

Perhaps in localized areas there has been some melting. Permafrost is well understood by engineers that have constructed railroad beds and more recently drilling rigs in these locals. Drilling rigs on the North Slope use caissons and foundations that are no more than a sand/water slurry, poured into the voids and allowed to freeze. I guarantee you if the permafrost were melting there, it would be headline news heard everywhere!

“Reference to a year of unusual weather should indeed not be taken as a trend.” Why then does the global warming crowd keep insisting the last few years are the “hottest on record”? They are not! We have had two temperature swings since 1900. These include a cooling, then a warming then a cooling and now another warming trend. Guess what? The weather is cyclic with solar irradiance and mere man thinks he is going to change that by reducing carbon dioxide? That is foolishness. Even the IPCC states publicly that regardless of our efforts there will be very little impact on temperature trends.

In regards to 1998, of course that was a temperature spike well referenced due to El Nino. It has not been “followed by more record breaking years.” In fact, NASA has acknowledged it had “accidentally inflated its official record of surface temperatures in the U.S. beginning with the year 2000. The revised data show 1934 as the warmest year, followed by 1998, 1921, 2006, 1931, 1999, and then 1953. Four of the top 10 years on record are now from the 1930s, well before the reported steady increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Only three of the top 10 are from the last 10 years (1998, 2006 and 1999).

The science is not settled and certainly carbon dioxide at four molecules out of 10,000 is not a pollutant but a gas essential for life. The American State Climatologists Association and the Oregon Petition states strong opposition to the Kyoto Treaty by over 20,000 scientists and engineers. Very respected voices against hyping global warming are expressed by none other than the past president of the American National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Frederick Seitz and many other top nationally known scientists.

Man made global warming is a theory. It is not a fact. Furthermore so-called consensus is far from scientific fact. Let us move on and stop this nonsense. We need to develop sound energy policy and refrain from carbon pricing steps that are leading us to a pointless economic disaster.

William H. Snyer

Cedaredge, Colo.

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