Not really spreading the wealth |

Not really spreading the wealth

Dear Editor:

In 1972 Tanzania and Zanzabar, successful large exporting countries, turned to Socialism (spread the wealth). The larger towns were as modern as any similar towns in the U.S. There were paved streets, arc lights, refrigerated air-conditioning on the business and hotel windows before 1972.

The dairy farm where our son and wife worked in the Peace Corps in the 1980s had been as modern and well equipped as any dairy in the United States before 1972.

Within 14 years the milking machines were in shambles. The government never replaced the pressure gauges and the cows had mastitis. They only saved two calves. They had 83 workers and 67 cows. Everyone in a socialist or communist government is given a job. The cows had to be hand milked, and all their farm equipment to raise crops was broken down.

The pavement was full of potholes, city water only ran a couple hours a day, none of the air-conditioners worked, arc lights didn’t work. In the taxis we could see the ground through the holes in the floor boards. We watched the big new limousines with well dressed government officials pass us on the bumpy roads. The empty grocery stores were guarded by armed soldiers.

Worst of all was the preventive medical care. We saw River Blindness caused by flies where the eye is as large as a golf ball; Elephantiasis of the legs caused by blocked lymph nodes; Malaria. More die of Malaria than of AIDS. Tanzania and Zanzibar hadn’t seen any of these diseases for years, until the government banned DDT, and aerial spraying. The U.S. government was spraying something by truck, but it wasn’t as effective. Now we’re sending them bed netting for mosquitoes.

The ground is so fertile, and yet it stands fallow. All the modern machines that once farmed are broken down. The country is one large wildlife refuge, where elephants, giraffes, lions room freely. In what was once such a garden, people go hungry six months out of the year.

My doctor goes there for two weeks every year to repair clef pallets. He said the hospital in Dar El Salan is getting better. He laughed and said, “they finally paved the road out to Angora Gora Crater.”

The government solicits foreign government and religious humanitarian grants and financial aid for their country, but instead put the money in their personal bank accounts in Switzerland. The income tax is 80 percent. Their ships are tied up in Hong Kong for lack of government payment.

So much for spreading the wealth called Socialism.

Winifred Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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