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Not our reality

Dear Editor:

In response to the new reality TV series on VH1, “The Secrets Of Aspen,” this cannot go on. This program sums up every single stereotype the locals of Aspen have been trying to avoid for years.

The money, the attitude of “oh, we’re better than you because of where we live.” It’s not exactly the best thing to be on an Aspen High School sports team, travel to a different school in the state and automatically be hated just because of our zip code. If this program is to air, we need to prepare for the slander and bashing from the outside viewer. Aspen should be seen from the public like it actually is here: low-key locals who want to ski, have a good time, and enjoy life.

There is no reason for the rest of America to see Aspen turn into the next Laguna Beach, or The Hills. I think I speak for the entire Aspen High School student body when I say that this program is – and will be – a complete embarrassment to the population of the 81611 zip code.

And, the actors on this show are not even locals. It makes me sick.

Logan Garrison

student, Aspen High School

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