Not ‘lovin’ it’ |

Not ‘lovin’ it’

Dear Editor:The shutting down of the McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Tavistock Devon, England last week is evidence of the power we all have as local consumers and citizens to build the kind of community we want and need. If we know what we want, as to identifying clearly what businesses and infrastructure we need and desire here and communicate that to the world, we are in the driver’s seat, not any conventionally thinking developer that happens by with enough cash and or investors to propose AGAIN something we have already reviewed and voted down.We have a long ways to go as far as healthy, organic local food production supplying our needs here in the Roaring Fork Valley and that being the driver to shut out fast food franchises. We have done a good bit of work to identify what we want in the way of appropriate development – Carbondale’s Economic Road Map group as case in point.We do need to better understand our valley’s carrying capacity and take a hard look at what we do not have in the way of infrastructure, trades and businesses that will allow us to live here well for many generations to come in a stable local economy.The emphasis in our development planning needs to be on local food and energy security, which is also a driver for local economic security. If we believe in this to the point of supporting it/voting for it, every time we buy something like the folks in Tavistock, England, have, then we have the power, not the elected officials or anyone who has enough money to roll over us.I guess one question for us to consider is: If Tavistock, England is known for its healthy, quality food. What is Carbondale known for?See article:’s+forced+to+shut+from+lack+of+patronage+in+healthy+town/article.doBrook Le VanSustainable SettingsCarbondale

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