Not listening to the people |

Not listening to the people

I would like to know why the majority of our City Council are empowering themselves to what they want and not listening to the people. How are they able to do this: aren’t they “for the people?” They are not CEO’s of the Aspen City, Inc.

How did they get away with giving our Marolt property to CDOT? I do thank “the boys” to let us again (one more time) to vote against the straight shot. Since they are allowing the county and Snowmass to vote, do the Aspen city voters get two votes, since we live in the city/county?

A vote for the straight shot is many more years of construction, a huge hindrance and inconvenience to our tourism and a negative influence on our city’s economy.

To the newly formed group supporting the straight shot, calling themselves “EASE,” what kind of lubricant will you use to ease a four-lane highway into our lovely Aspen?

I have to get sentimental now. Aspen is a very special place for me and has been for 38 years. I look forward to keeping it special by voting to keep the S-curves. Smell the roses, Aspenites!

Katie Tveite


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